When you call our office to schedule an inspection, we will ask some questions about the property, what you want inspected, and your contact information. Refer to our fee schedule if you would like an idea of costs before calling. Once we verify your order, we will give you an exact quote. If everything is agreeable, we will create your order and place it in our office scheduling system. It will send out notifications, reminders, and links to important documents. Our system is designed to keep all parties in the loop (you, your agent, the seller’s agent, and us).

The first notification will go out 2 hours after your order is created. It will be an email (please check junk mail folder, if needed). It will inform you, your agent and the seller’s agent of the date and time of the inspection. This is important, as there are several actions required on the part of the agents to make sure the property is ready for inspecting. Don’t worry, these are standard actions on the agent's part, and they’ll know what they need to do. Your email will be slightly different than the agents’ emails, as yours will include a link to our Inspection Agreement and a link to pay online by credit card, if desired.

VERY IMPORTANT: The Inspection Agreement must be signed BEFORE the Home Inspection can be started. This is not only a requirement of our insurance company, it is the industry standard.  It is recommended that this be done as soon as possible, as we don’t want to show up for an inspection that we cannot perform. The provided link makes this very easy to read and sign online with your computer mouse or touch screen. It can be downloaded, as well.

If paying by credit card, simply click the “pay online” link. All credit card information is handled securely by our merchant provider. This step is for authorization, only. Your card will not be charged until 2 hours after the inspection begins (this allows time for any order changes or cancellation).

The second notification will be a brief reminder the day before the inspection. All parties will receive an email and short phone text. If anything has changed, please call the office.


Attendance is not mandatory, but clients are encouraged to come at the end of the Inspection for a summary of the findings. If you choose to attend the entire inspection, please do not disrupt the Inspector’s process, as there are numerous items to check and we want to be as thorough as possible.

Please read our “What is a Home Inspection?” section to get a better idea of the scope of a licensed home inspection.

The goal of the summary and report is to communicate the findings in a way that makes sense to you, so that you can make informed decisions moving forward.

Items will be pointed out as in need of repair and/or further evaluation by qualified contractors. Please discuss these items with your agent and have any further investigation or repairs performed before you purchase your house.

Remember that neither you nor the seller is obligated to fix any deficiency noted in the report. Also remember that this is YOUR report. The information is shared only with you, your agent, and anyone else approved by you to receive the information.

When your report is completed, it will be emailed to you and your agent as an attachment. It will only open if the Inspection Agreement has been signed and the order has been paid. If any changes were made to your original order, it will be necessary to click the “pay online” link to reauthorize the new amount.

We recommend you allow yourself time to carefully review your report. Make sure you understand what the issues are. Discuss the report with your agent. If you have any questions or if clarification is needed, give us a call. We are happy to help.

If you have had a positive experience with Matt McBrayer Home Inspections, please leave us feedback in an email or phone call. We also like to know how we can be of better service to you and others in the future. Thank you for choosing us!